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Idols in the church???

I believe that today’s modern church may be creating idols in the church without even realizing it. The bible teaches us that even while Moses was in the presence of a burning bush and getting a word from the Lord that the people were building idols. An idol in any shape or form must not be allowed to be worshiped in the church.

What do I mean by Idol?

Definition: Any person or thing regarded with blind admiration, adoration, or devotion:

Please consider the following and ask yourself could this be an Idol in the church experience.


  1. Programs – Many churches have kept programs going for many years that have long lived out their effectiveness and productivity. It seems that they may even be the golden calf that is untouchable. Even if the budget and vision no longer supports the golden calf it is allowed to continue for years swallowing up precious resources that could be better used in a mission to reach the community. Could programs be an IDOL?
  2. Leaders – In today’s church we hear of entire churches of mega size dropping in its effectiveness or even closing when the leader steps down or is forced to resign. The entire church is based upon the personality or gifts of the leader. We have a tendency to demand that that one leader be the best of the best and it seems to become a form of pastor/leader worship. Could leaders become and IDOL?
  3. Worship – When a church creates an environment that the music carries more weight than discipleship and the word then have we created worship worship? When music dominates a service and there is very little emphasis placed on the value of being confronted by the message have we cheapened the validity of the scriptures in worship? I have read a lot about church services that do not produce change and I wonder if it is because the draw of worship and the higher value placed on music over the word has stunted personal growth. Could worship be an IDOL?
  4. Style – I have seen a lot of discussion about style in the church lately and the conversation seems to be carnal at best. When the value of wearing the right style is more important than the whole armor of God then we are in trouble. Churches should be a place where everyone fits in. It should be a place where what you wear is not as important as the heart you have for God. Does skinny jeans and converse shoes make a worshiper cool? Does a suit make a worshiper holy? Can style become and IDOL?

I believe that God wants his people to worship him in Spirit and in truth. This to me is the most profound way to enter the presence of God and become a disciple. Very simply put if our church experience does not involve worship and word, praise and discipleship, fellowship and ministry, then we are missing the power of our gatherings. To break down the idols in church we must always exalt God above anything and everything else. We must have worship that is more about Him than us. We must have a confronting and challenging word that produces change in our lives. We must walk away with a desire to deny ourselves and take up a cross and follow Christ. All though this is not an exhaustive list it is the things on my heart.

Hey folks, Worship is about Him, it’s all about Him.


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