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She got to go home first

She got to go home first…

On September 30 1961 I was born and three minutes later my twin sister was born. She was much larger than I was and “she got to home first” from the hospital. I had to stay in the hospital much longer due to my small size, Robin was often teased that she took all the food in the womb and that was why I was smaller. As we grew older as girls often do she matured and grew faster than I did. There were times at Cedar point amusement park that she would be permitted to go on rides that I could not go on because she was a foot taller than me. Eventually I caught up and even passed her up but it took a long time. She got married first and her baby first, for some reason she was always first.
Years later Robin began to deal with some very difficult physical issues and after lots of test and near death emergencies she was diagnosed with Addison’s disease that left her with a continual weakness in her body but never her faith. Time after time she was rushed to the hospital as she would fight to live with a disease that we had never heard of until it hit our family.
While dealing with this very difficult disease Robin had a crash episode that almost took her life called diabetes. Now she was not only fighting one possible fatal disease but two. None of this made sense to me or seemed fair at all. As her precious daughters and awesome husband walked with her through this journey we could see the horrific effect it was having on all of them and all of us.

Not long after we celebrated our 44th birthday she called me and ask me to come to New York to visit her. I will remember the day forever when her husband, Robin and I sat a park and she told me she had cancer. I along with everyone else was devastated. Addison’s, Diabetes and now cancer. We soon learned the cancer had spread and was terminal. What a long and very difficult four years she had, the discomfort soon turned into pain and then broken bones. She went from a vibrant young women to needing help across the room.
The most amazing thing about this journey was her faith and faithfulness. She had faith that God would remove the cancer and trusted him even when he didn’t. She was faithful to God and his word until the very end.
At age 48 on February 6th 2010 my sister lost her fight against cancer. Within moments of her passing she whispered to me and others her love. As I said at her funeral some teach you how to live but my twin taught me how to both live and die.
Today as I face another birthday without her I am forced to unpack that pain again and have those deep emotions rush my mind an amazing thought came to me that has brought new comfort, are you ready for this reality?
Just like in the hospital 52 years ago, Robin went home first, I am refreshed to realize she did it again.


2 Responses to “She got to go home first”

  1. This was so precious Pastor Mullins, I remember how terrible this was for you. May God richly bless you. Love & prayers.

  2. We know the fight she fought, and God said ,Well done my good and faithful servent. I know she finished first and He said now enter into my restful Kingdom.

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