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True Thanksgiving

A Note that my daughter in law sent me… Everyone should read and be thankful for the important things this year.

“This holiday season is going to be one that is hard for all of us I’m sure. I know for me I’m going to miss all the hustle and bustle. I’m a city girl now and I enjoy the rush of going to 3 different houses across the state of Ohio and sometimes to NY! I love being around all of our family at the holidays. I would always tell Chris how much I looked forward to visiting with the Smiths and the Mullins. THere was always a good laugh at Papaw Smith or Mamaw’s expense. LOL!! But this year things are going to be very different for us, and I’m learning to adjust. There are a lot of things very different down here, sometimes I think I need a passport to live down here! LOL Other times the change is nice and not really that different.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately what I’m thankful for and what I need to be more thankful for, and one of those things is Chris. Sometimes I think as a young married couple with small children the busyness of life gets us in a bit of a rut, and our kids sometimes drive us so crazy by the end of the day we only have enough strength to drag each other to bed, just to do it all again the next day. But there have been some things that have happened since we’ve been in GA that have made me think, and sometimes I just look at Chris and wonder where this wonderful man came from! He is so very wise and patient, not only with me but with the kids. He loves his family more than anything in the world and will protect it and preserve at all costs. He has taught me a lot about unconditional love, something I didn’t understand until he came into my life. And when I think about all of this, the root of where it all comes from, it is the godly home he was raised in, and the example of love he had his entire life. You 2 have begun a legacy of love in your family that will carry on, I believe, until the end. Eli already knows the importance of love and family and God which is traced back to you. I believe Eli and Micah will carry this on to their wives and children. What you both have taught Chris and I, has saved us from A LOT of hardships in our marriage. We have overcome many obstacles that most marriages would fall apart over, but I definitely believe through those hard times we have grown closer to each other and our faith in God as grown as well.

So this Thanksgiving I can’t be thankful for my husband without being thankful for you. Because he wouldn’t be the man he is today with out you both. Thank you for your love for each other and family. It has made a difference and we are truly blessed by you. Happy Thanksgiving! We love and miss you very much!! ”

Carrie Mullins


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