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Leadership in tough times

On a personal note…. A few months ago I had a tumor removed from behind my ear and began the waiting process. Yesterday the doctor informed me that it was not cancer. Today I look at leadership with a new perspective and that is one of leading in and through adversity. I can see now that our greatest leadership is not forged during the good times but while facing our most difficult times. As I watch the leadership of our State Bishop as he faces his most difficult struggle with Kathy’s diagnosis of colon cancer. He has shown us that a true leader will lead in difficult times but will also be an example of priorities. Ministry has many demands on the family of the minister. We are constantly being asked to put our family on hold while we minister to the many needs of a growing congregation. I have always ask my church to understand that my family is always first in my priorities. Most have understood and supported that choice. As I watch the example of Bill Isaacs, I understand that I have made the right decision in family first. When it is all said and done and we lay our heads down at night our first ministry priority is to the one we are holding as we fall asleep. If we fail there then we are not fit for ministry anywhere else. God is looking for those that will lead in difficult times and I believe I will not fail if I follow those God has placed in my life as an example…… Thanks to our State pastor for his leadership in adverse times.


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