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The Birth of a new Church

Four years ago God laid it on my heart to give birth to an all African congregation in Columbus. This had never been done in our denomination in our State. The odds were against a young congregation surviving the birthing process let alone the growth of a full grown church. With that in mind God put me in contact with an African minister from Gahna Africa that lived here in our City. After some early meetings we joined hearts to plant a congregation.

It was not easy but we created a place for this young group of three in a small room in our building. We gave them a key some directions and a promise of strong support while they were in the womb. Over the next year three grew into fifteen and the fifteen turned in to twenty. Within three years this young congregation became 60 in regular attendance.

Our church mothered this congregation as we built a sanctuary for them in our fellowship hall. This space cost them nothing while they saved and learned the concepts of American finances. At the start of the fourth year we began asking them to pay reant on their part of the building. This was only to prepare them for the financial strain of their own building. We met often with the leaders and worked through any difficulties.

Here it was four years later and this young congregation has been organized as a Church of God congregation and paying their own way. Seeing that it was time for the eaglets to fly on their own I met with the pastor and said it is time for them to move out into their own facility.

On July 14th 2009 I met the pastor and several of his leaders at their new facility. It is a wonderful place that will serve them very well as their own church. They expressed strongly how they could not have done it if it were not for our strong support of their young congregation. They were setting up chairs and hanging drapes as the pastor proudly showed me around the building.

As I left the building my wife and I share with them our pride in what they have accomplished, we hugged their necks and pulled out of the drive way. Tears begin to fill my eyes as it felt as if a child just graduated high school heading out on his own. You will never know the pride I feel in knowing that we gave birth and mothering leadrship to a brand new congregation that has succeded to be on their own.

Sunday they will have their first service in their new location. Reflecting on the pastors words as he shared of two coming baby dedications and one wedding already on the schedule I remembered that first meeting we had. I committed to cover he and his work until they can stand on their own. Today they stand on their own, their own idenity, their own vision and their ownpurpose for serving in Columbus.

I beem with pride as the pastor said “You Bishop will be our very first guest speaker” – I am now the proud spiritual father of a vision that will reach Africans in Columbus Ohio. The best part is that we ask for no financial assistance from our denominational leaders and God is returning the seeds we planted to us 100 fold.

Tomorrow night we will be in attendance with a mission work in Westerville Ohio. A work that God is allowing us to mother while they too are in the womb. I know by faith in a few years we will be able to repeat this story of another baby moving out on it’s own.


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