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A Fatherless Generation

A Fatherless Generation

One of the weaknesses I see in the emerging churches is that of Fatherlessness. It seems to me that there is a very real danger in churches that hold no one accountable. Lifestyles are rarely challenged and discipleship is not a priority. In my personal observations of this rapidly growing movement I find young adults that are angry at the established church and are flocking together to resist the teachings of the Fathers. There is an inherent danger in this overt disregard for the use of spiritual maturity and wisdom in the church.

Most homes in America are broken in one way or another. The worst case scenario is that of a home without the leadership of a good Father. Our Nation is reaping the seed of Fatherless homes. A total disregard of authority and accountability has become the rule. Our Nation has become very passive and we face injustice with a weak and feminine defense.

I am not ready to throw away the “Spiritual Fathers” of the church. Every church needs the authority and accountability a Father adds. Just as our Nation has become passive and feminine so has the church in America. People are looking for a church that will allow them to do whatever they want. Whenever accountability is placed on a life they whine and throw fits of rage. Churches have become a place where real men and real Fathers are looked at as legalist. I am concerned with churches that have an entire leadership team made up of young adults and where wisdom is seen as authoritive and legalistic. I am concerned when I see morals so lose that any code of morality is seen as outdated and out of touch.

We need a revival of spiritual Fathers. I am not talking about holding on to traditions of man or belittling a wonderful harvest of young adults. I am suggesting that every church needs spiritual Fathers to speak into the lives of the younger adults. They need spiritual Mothers that speak into the lives of young moms. I see a growing contempt of our spiritual heritage and total disregard for basic biblical truths to please a post modern demographic.  This in my opinion is very dangerous.

When friends with each other are more important than friends with God we are in trouble.  When young adults will sacrifice their own maturity in order to fit in with others we are in trouble.  When the wild heart of a young man is tamed by the untamed heart of a Fatherless church we are in trouble.

The answer is not to dismiss what God is doing in the post modern church but it is to facilitate this movement with the leadership and wisdom of spiritual Fathers.  I don’t agree with every way my 60 something District Overseer does things and I am not that hyped on the older music that he loves but I would fear a church without guys like this. He is more than a District Overseer he is a spiritual Father. He speaks with wisdom and character. He loves but holds accountable. He enjoys relationships and respect. He has become a spiritual Father to me. I could never lead my church the way he leads his; we are from a different era. I could however lead my life the way he does his.

We need to be able to use the wisdom of the age to grow churches that honor the past, respect the present and dream of the future. Every church needs church mothers and fathers that speak into its life.

Every child will go through a season where they think the parent knows nothing about life. They rebel against rules and boundaries of the parent. They attempt to stretch the lines and push the authority to its limits.  One day however they grow up and mature and realize mom and dad where not as much out of it as they thought. They realize that life is not as simple as they once thought. What happens? They grow up. I pray for the day that the post modern church will grow up. I look with hope for the time when the mature will be celebrated again. I long for the day when the wisdom of the aged will be honored and followed.  Just like the young man that thinks he knows it all one day realizes he know very little. I pray the emerging church will one day realize its need for a spiritual daddy.

To my two sons I may seem out of it and un-cool. My way of doing things may seem outdated and out of touch. My hair style may seem old fashion and my music may seem to have a oversimplified rythm. My words and preaching may seem to be non-relevant. But, I have one thing that I hold onto in my relationship with the two of them. That is, they will one day have their kids feel the same way about the way they do things and they will be told that they are old fashion.  The difference is that a church is not about style as much as it is about being biblical. The church is less about being relevant than it is about being Godly. The church is less about being man pleasers than it is about being God pleasers. We must be more about being Christ followers than trend followers. I just heard of a growing church where the pastor celebrated fathers day with  the ministry of his grandfather and his father along with himself all ministering on the same platform. I think he has the right idea of the importance of spiritual fathers.

Let the Fathers rise and lead this generation into the truth of God’s word. Let them rise and be the Fathers that we need.


2 Responses to “A Fatherless Generation”

  1. God is a God of covenant and relationship. When our society fails to recognize the value of relationships, it breaks down. When the church likewise fails to recognize the power of relationships within the body, it breaks away from the purposes God has for the church.

    I strongly believe in modeling and spiritual fathering within the body and believe as the church returns to its fundamental concept of “body life”, these are mandatory.

    Thanks for raising this point to the church at large.

    Bishop Bill

  2. Joshua 4: 21: Then Joshua told the people: Years from now your children will ask you why these rocks are here.

    22: Tell them, “The LORD our God dried up the Jordan River so we could walk across. He did the same thing here for us that he did for our people at the Red Sea,

    24: because he wants everyone on earth to know how powerful he is. And he wants us to worship only him.”

    The church needs spiritual fathers to tell this generation of the mighty works of God. To share where God has brought us from.

    The church needs to wake up we our losing a valuble asset when the church becomes fatherless. Somehow we the church need to come together and bridge the gap between generations and learn from each other. It’s not about us. We cannot afford to lose anymore soldiers.

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