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Thinking outside the box ministry

Thinking outside the traditional box.

Ministry to the complexities of this post modern generation demands that we each re-think our approach. What really matters in the long and short of things is what reaches others with the message of Christ. We can stand firm in our support of sacred cows that are outdated and have lost their effectiveness and miss the greatest opportunity for harvest in our history.

A couple of thoughts on thinking outside the box have really thrust me into a new way of thinking about ministry. Here are a few…
1. Becoming Missional in our approach. This includes but not limited to researching your target areas and becoming missionaries to those cultures.
2. Team Ministry – Networking with others and combining resources to accomplish the greater mission.
3. Multi-purpose use of our facilities to gain as much use of them as possible.
4. Training our members to see the harvest as a mission field and the members as missionaries.
5. Multiple services to facilitate a missional approach to ministry such as….
Young adult services with modern music and teaching
Youth services with a planned purpose to reach the youth
Services that minister to those that love Pentecostal worship
Care groups for fellowship and equipping
Using Sunday mornings to celebrate the gathering of these various groups and styles
6. Opening our eyes and hearts to see the true harvest and target them with purpose.
7. We must learn to filter everything through the vision to reach the lost. If what we do does not reach or equip the reached then we must re-evaluate their necessity and continuation.
I am convinced that the greatest hope for this world is the local church and our ability to bring people to Christ. There is nothing in my opinion that has more value than the local church. We must create an environment that will draw and win the lost. Very simply put we must act like we are the hope of the world and not like we are a useless entity that is going out of business.

Become relevant and missional and God will anoint us to reach our harvest.


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