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The best preaching is done in dying churches

A statment made by Conrad Lowe at a leadership training session. What do you think about it? If you think it is true then how is this possible?


5 Responses to “The best preaching is done in dying churches”

  1. Don’t know, never pastored one.

  2. Where does Conrad Lowe get his data? Did he visit a ” dying church”? I cannot agree or disagree and I don’t pastor a dying church.

  3. Conrad was hired by the COG to research our growth and make recommendations. he says we are the greatest preachers anywhere but lack in our ability to grow.

  4. The Pastors have left the out the most important reason why man must be saved and why they need to repent of their sins, but because of “seeker friendly” sermons and not wanting to offend anyone from the pulpit allows people to walk away on a Sunday morning “feeling good” but not feeling convicted, or hungry, or burden for souls to be saved! Our churches no longer hear about the blood and the power of the Holy Ghost. If the anointing is flowing it’s quenched because we have to stay on a schedule. We cannot and should not put God on a schedule. The church doesn’t flow in the spirit like it use too and I really believe most churches like this way. Worship is so mechanical anymore, but worship sets the stage for the glory of God. Even the Pentecostal churches no longer see the power of God move in a miraculous form any more because we have grieved the Holy Spirt!

  5. Maybe a better word would be “declining” or stagnant, because if the church is “dying”, it would probably be “terminal. Thus the best preaching would be accomplished under the anointing, of course, by someone who has “nothing” to lose..such as salary (would most likely be down already, job security, certain people..etc.) . In essence the minister would be handed something that could only improve, if it is already down. If he/she would remain faithful to God, follow the Holy spirit and not lose focus over a little spurt of growth and back down on what needs to be said and done. Jesus preached His best when the people needed and wanted answers. We are in an anything goes type of situation today. Everybody has their own brand of Christianity and the church needs to be brought back to the center of Gods will. God has not change neither has His Torah….declining churches need to be put on the hands of ministers who are willing to be spent for the Kingdom of God. I am just a bi-vocational pastor with a heavenly calling in a “declined” church, putting it 0ut there and expecting if I give my best, God will give me His…gotta get back to work….

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