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Leading in difficult times

Leading in difficult times




It has been said that leadership is influence nothing more nothing less. It has also been said that he who leads and no one follows is just taking a walk. I have found that most people in leadership positions at one time or another underestimate their influence over others. This is especially true when it comes to pastors in America.


Influence is such a powerful tool during difficult times and if use the right way you can navigate others to victory if used the wrong way you can cause a shipwreck. People need leaders in difficult times to help them navigate the bumps in the road and the temptations to give up or take an easier road.



In order to be a good leader in difficult times you must in my opinion follow some basic principles.


  1. You must have a clear vision. A clear vision of where you are at and where you are going. People won’t follow someone that changes their mind every week or everyday for that matter. They are looking for assurance that when get on board and sell out to the journey that the captain will know where he is going.
  2. You must speak with authority. It is not always what we say but how we say that matters. If you speak from a spirit of fear or you seem overly concerned about the journey some will abandoned ship before you even get started.
  3. Be clam.  You must never be driven by panic. Problems come and go but the journey cannot be controlled by those situations. You must exhibit a spirit of calmness and trust in the God that gave you the plan. When people doubt their leader they doubt the vision he cast.
  4. Always speak with clarity.  People need to hear revelation and clarity when the leader speaks. A confusing message produces wondering hearts. Clarity brings calmness and direction.
  5. Be honest.  The quickest way to loose credibility is to be dishonest. We live in a time of political and spiritual dishonesty. People may forgive you but they will never follow with the same peace of mind they once had.
  6. Priorities.  Keep the main thing the main thing. Refuse to major in the minors.


During my 25 years of ministry I have found that people are looking for leaders. I have also discovered that there is a major difference in position and leadership. Just because one has a position it does not mean that they are a qualified leader.  I believe quality leadership for the most part is learned and acquired through training and mentorship.


Once a man said to me that, “he was tired of pastoring people that would not follow him”. When I asked him how long he had been at his church he said 15 years. I said “If they are not following you by now then it is not a follower problem.”  I never see him at training and mentoring sessions because they are not considered spiritual.  My friend is a leader but his influence has lead to mistrust and confusion the very things we don’t need in difficult times.


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