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I Dream

I dream of a day when cancer is defeated and hurts no more. I dream of a day when families are no longer destroyed by the destruction of this horrible and unfair disease. I dream of a day when God puts his hand on my sister and wipes away the ravishing effects of this life altering hope stealing thief.  When I first heard the news that Robin was diagnosed with Multiple Myloma I was afraid, very very afraid. I could not understand why God would allow this to happen to a girl that has served him her whole life without wavering. I was crushed with fear that God may never answer our prayers and he may take her away from us. I was stricken with a deep despondency and fear of the unknown. I felt helpless and hopeless.

Not long ago I talked with Robin as her hopes was crushed again as the news came in that I am not a match for her transplant. She cried… I cried….We cried.  Her voice was shaking as she declared I shall live and not die, I agreed.

What can I do now? I have prayed, I have fasted, I have trusted. What can I do now? Well, I can dream.

I can dream of her Wholeness. I can dream of her completeness, I can dream of her health, I can dream of her renewal to the day’s of her youth.  Dreams are powerful reminders of the reality of what faith can do. Dreams are God’s gift to people who see what is and say why and see what could be and say why not. Dreams are hope in the midnight hours and the vision of the future. Dreams are the prophetic insight of God’s word living out in the hearts of those that trust him.

What can we do to fight this very difficult battle? We can dream… Will you dream with me. 


2 Responses to “I Dream”

  1. I will dream with you. See I live with this beautiful woman who has so much fight in her. She is such an inspiration watching her. I dream of the day when she will wake up to no more pain. I dream of the day when she will not have to endure anymore treatments. God has promised healing in His word I dream of that day when we get our life back. Let’s continue to dream and hold onto the faith of God. I do believe dreams come true. Robin is my hero and I will not stop dreaming, we have a lot of living to do.
    Will you dream with us?
    Robin’s Husband

  2. Your evident love for Robin has warmed my soul. I am motivated to dream with you that you will soon get your lives back because Robin will be free of cancer. I join with you in agreement according to Matthew 18:19 for your dream to come true. – – Carl

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